Stacionarna obrada cevi

  • SB320

    • Onboard control panel for managing all the functions of the machine, the working phases and the full automatic cycle;
    • Self-centering and deformation-free prismatic jaws with automatic tightening torque sensor;
    • Automatic pipe positioner;
    • Onboard automatic lubricating system;
    • Chuck with variable configuration, with seats for HSS inserts or carbide tip tools;
  • SB500

    • Vice designed for automatic centring without deformation;
    • On board control panel;
    • Chuck feeding adjustment;
    • Mobile head feeding adjustment;
    • Chuck speed adjustment;
    • Cooling liquid recycling pump;
    • Interchangeable tooling with Supermaxi 7_24 and Hypermaxi 20_36.
  • HYCUBE 24

    • Stationary pipe beveller for pipe diameters from 12” to 24”;
    • On board hydraulic Power Pack;
    • Semi-automatic Lock/Release function through an on board hydraulic power pack;
    • Adjustable speed rotation achieved by an on board speed-change drive;
    • Stable Steel Chassis designed for a quick and precise setup;
    • Pipe positioning with pipe stand on rails.

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