AQUASOL Corpration

Aquasol has emerged as an internationally recognized leader in the manufacturing of water soluble and other welding consumables, including technologically advanced pipe purging devices. The company was founded upon three core principles: technology, invention, and innovation. Since its inception in 2003, Aquasol has dedicated its resources to developing patented products that enhance welding efficiency. Aquasol recognizes that practical, innovative applications are vital to the welding process and strives to obtain an in-depth, understanding of its customers’ needs. Aquasol’s products are quickly becoming the standard within the industry both domestically and internationally. Our client base is comprised of many well-known global corporations including Chevron, British Petroleum, and Exxon Mobile. Our products have been specified in many projects including Ras Laffan in Qatar, the El Segundo Refinery in California and by Saudi ARAMCO for the Sadara Project. Made in the USA, Aquasol products are complemented by exceptional customer service and extensive technical support offered by a capable staff of engineering and welding specialists. For additional and detailed information, please browse our website.

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